For Buyers

Finding and then helping you purchase your new home is our only goal. If you are open and honest with us about what you want, where you want it, at what price and when the time is right, we can't fail at helping you fulfill your dream of homeownership. We will be available to answer your questions no matter how big or small, we’ll help you put aside your fears and most importantly join in your excitement. We will negotiate fiercely on your behalf while maintaining the good relationships with other Realtors that are paramount to getting you the home you have been working so hard for. Working with sellers over the years and seeing first hand their thought process also helps us to better understand how to get you the home you want. We don’t show houses for a living, we help our clients become homeowners!

For Sellers

What makes a great listing agent? Well if you ask us, it is experience, market knowledge and dedication with a touch of creative thinking. Knowing you, your needs and your home, maintaining solid professional relationships with other Realtors and presenting your home to potential buyers in the best light possible through marketing and proper pricing is key. But the bottom line is; that what we really need are buyers, and since getting a buyers attention is our task, you should know what they want, need and expect during a transaction, how to get them inside your home and inspire them to make an offer. We'll show you the way. We have lots of experience helping clients purchase their homes and can share what we have learned from them with you. Considering all facets of the transaction helps us price your home to sell, because after all, isn’t that what you are hiring us to do?

For the Rest

Commercial, vacant land, investment properties we have done it all and done it well! How, because lets be honest all Real Estate Transactions have one thing in common, the best interest of our client. It really doesn’t matter what you are buying or selling, it only matters that the person working for you is actually working for you. We are knowledgeable, educated, strong negotiators who will fight for what is right for our clients. This doesn’t mean we know it all. It means we have the tools and experience to figure it out when it counts and that our drive to serve our clients produces proven results regardless of the transaction type.